WOODEN CRABS 3 SIZES

About Mitch's Crabs

These Crabs were designed by Mitch Kilgore on Computer software and then generated into a program to guide a laser, to cut out all of the components.   Each Crab has many precisely fitting parts which allow the Claws to be positioned in many ways.   He then applies his own mixture of chalk and paint to achieve crab like textures.  Then comes the colors, all hand painted with Acrylics by Mitch and then over coated with a high quality mat finish.   Natural or psychedelic, plain or designer colors to match your decor.


 crab art    woodcraft


Largest Crab is a full 20.5" across from leg tip to tip, with a contoured shell 15.5"


Middle size Crab is 9.75" across, with a 7.375" shell.

Small Crab is 6.5" across, with a 4.75" shell.  

All crab art, made and painted by Mitch Kilgore

Combine all 3 sizes to have a Crab Family display.  Custom colors available.

Scroll down to see finished Crabs for sale.  Call Mitch to order or have him create your special Crab Family. 


Giant Crab 20.5"

WOODEN CRAB ART  by Mitch Kilgore 
Laser Cut components, hand textured and painted.

Psychedelic colored monster crab is a full 20.5" from leg tip to leg tip.

This one is only one available at this time.Crab art by Mitch Kilgore

$100 includes shipping.

Natural Colors 20.5"


A lot of texture and natural colors on this crab, the one you are looking at is the one you get.  Only one available at this time..... crab art Mitch Kilgore woodcraft

$100 includes shipping.

Cooked Version 20.5"


Crabs are not red until they are  boiled.  People will argue about that.  There are two like this available.  Claw arms on all crabs rotate.

$100 includes shipping

20.5" with Crackle Finish


This big Daddy has a Family.. He is available by himself or with his family.   crab art Mitch Kilgore woodcraft

$100 includes shipping.

Crab Families available


Order colors you want, quantity and size for a 10% discount for 3 or more.  Claw arms on all sizes of crabs rotate.  crab art Mitch Kilgore woodcraft

Small crabs 6.5" shell


This size crab does not have a curved shell but many are available with texture.  Call for availability. crab art Mitch Kilgore woodcraft

More Crabs are available, posted soon. crab art