Quality Details


All of our Bikes and Trikes are made from fine domestic and imported hardwoods and softwoods.  Some are exotic and others are more common.  They are all selected for the beauty of their grain and color.  We stock a wide variety of woods.  Each bike or trike is inlayed with the finest grade of  Abalone and Mother of Pearl shell for the head light, tail lights and turn signal. 

The above photo is of the rear end of a Padauk trike.   The tire is Western Cedar with a Birch wheel.  Part of the Cherry seat is visible.  This trike has an Abalone inlaid spinner with Abalone and Mother of Pearl Tail light.

Detail in a Cherry wood front wheel with an Alaskan Cedar tire.  Purple Heart fender

Detail of front cowling with inlaid Mother of Pearl head light and turn signal.  Padauk Bike

Detail of Abalone and Mother of Pearl Shell for tail lights on a Padauk bike.

The Plaque
Each Plaque is approximately 17 inches long and 12 inches wide.



The plaques main back  board is made from 3/4 inch Oak, cabinet grade plywood, stained walnut with a hand painted  black decorative edge.  The board has 3 coats of a Satin finish on the front, sanded between each coat.  The back is engraved with our name,  address, phone number and website.  The back is also finished with a keyhole slot for hanging.  A matching Oak oval ring is attached to the front to give the sign a dimensional quality.  

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