Harry and Joan Dollarhide,  the Region H Team and Woodwing Art have developed a unique incentive for improving Chapter of the Year awareness.  This is an award that will transfer to the new CHOY each year.  The award is shown below with Harry and Joan Dollarhide, Region H Directors along with Ed and Ann Nahl, Region H Treasurer and CHOY Coordinator.  Region H's proactive approach to engage Chapters in efforts to become Chapter of the Year will surely increase enthusiasm for individual Chapters and benefit GWRRA.

Scroll down to see current recipient, Chapter OK-B's CD with the plaque.  The plaque will hang at Shawnee Honda in Shawnee, Oklahoma for the remainder of the year.  Previous winners of Region H CHOY were 2007, TEXAS - O, 2008, LOUISIANA - J.  A new hanger bar will be added by Woodwing Art with each new year.

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