About Us
Welcome to Woodwing Art.   We are makers of very fine personalized wooden plaques for motorcycle enthusiasts.  Specializing in GL1800 Bikes and Trikes.  We also offer a wide variety of awards suitable for out going Officer positions or for that matter, anyone you want to show appreciation for.  We also have many other Goldwing related gifts and accessories, many of which may be personalized.  Our plaques are made from various woods, domestic and exotic, hardwoods and soft woods.   Also hardwood plywoods.  

Our plaques are designed for indoors and can be hung on the wall by their routed keyhole slot, or look good on a table with our specially designed easel.  They are proving to be popular with Goldwing Chapters as gifts and awards.  Numerous "COUPLE OF THE YEAR" signs in addition to "Chapter Director",  and "District Director" have been made so far.  They may be placed outdoors, but should never get wet or be placed in direct sunlight.

Mitch and Marie Kilgore, GWRRA Louisiana Chapter O, meticulously handcraft and finish each sign from laser and band sawed parts.  Laser cut parts are reassembled with contrasting woods in a process known as Intarsia. They are affixed to a plywood gluing plate which is secured to a solid 3/4 inch block of plywood.  The joints are stronger than the wood itself.   The bike or trike is then inlaid with Grade A abalone and mother of pearl shell for headlight, turn signal and rear lights. This assembly then receives a fine finish and is securely screwed to an oval shaped background within a matching raised oval ring.  This creates an attractive multi level sign that can be personalized with your name,  motorcycle affiliations or whatever you want. 

We will endeavor to put whatever names, slogans or affiliations on the sign that will fit.  The price includes the backboard, the WOODWING wooden motorcycle and all the letters and banners attached. 

WOODWING ART was founded in 2008 as a division of the Great American Rocking Horse Co. LLC, owned by Mitch and Marie Kilgore.   Mitch and Marie are members and the treasurers of  GWRRA Louisiana Chapter O of Franklinton, La.  and ride a 06 Dark Cherry Goldwing. 

A fortunate series of events, starting at a GWRRA function in January of 2008 gave Mitch the idea to produce the signs you see on this web site.    Bragging on Mitch's woodworking experience,  Chapter O's Couple of the Year volunteered Mitch to build a box for the 50/25/25 drawing at the Louisiana District Rally.   (What else are friends for?)    What could have been a simple task got more and more complicated due to Mitch's inability to keep things easy.   Woodwing Art evolved as a natural progression.   Mitch and Marie attended several GWRRA Chapter meetings and donated signs for charitable auctions to see if there was any interest.   Everyone loved them.  They then set to work producing signs for GWRRA rallies and the rest is history. 

Mitch and Marie started their Rocking Horse Co. as a means to work from home.  Marie had been a legal secretary and had lost her job due to Katrina.  Marie is also an accomplished musician and has been a church pianist since she was 7.  Having made 6 rocking horses for grandchildren, Mitch a USCG licensed 1600 Ton Master decided that building rocking horses was more important than going to sea.  Between stints of going to sea Mitch had built a large manufacturing facility and has produced wooden articles ranging from toys to violins to wooden signs. 

Mitch and Marie's rocking horses are of exceptional quality.   They are unique in that they have a hidden wooden heart, cradled in the chest of the horse.  The laser used to cut out WOODWING  ART is used to engrave sentiments on the horses heart and mark parts for band sawing.   They can be seen at rockinghorsefactory.com.

Mitch and Marie have traveled the country extensively on their Goldwing.  They rode from Louisiana to California and back in 2005 and to Nova Scotia and back in 2007.   They look forward  to meeting you on the road or at yet another GWRRA motorcycle rally.
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